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    Assignment FAQs 

    You probably have a few questions about working on assignment. Here is a list of the most common questions we receive from employees, which will help you manage your employment with Kelly. Check out these FAQs!  


    Thousands of ways to bolster your résumé for free at the Kelly Learning Center! 

    Would you like to improve your current business skills or learn new ones? Do you want to stay current with the latest trends in your field? Then the Kelly Learning Center is your resource for learning and career development. Learn more today!   


    Career Tip: Plan for future success today! 

    Your career success is too important to leave to chance. A solid plan is critical to forward movement. Start with these tips:  

    • Make a five-year plan. What do you want to be doing in five years? What do you want to accomplish in that period of time? 
    • Build your contact list. Go inside and outside of your organization to expand your professional network. The more contacts you have, the more diverse your career options will be. 
    • Look for challenges. When you get bored with what you’re doing, look for something new to do. Learn some different skills. Exploring fresh territory can open up unexpected possibilities. 


    Like this tip? Check out information just like this on the Career Tips page!

Career Foward
We’ve compiled a comprehensive go-to guide that will help you avoid blunders and make the Career Forward most of your search.
Kelly Learning Center
Thousands of ways to bolster your résumé for free at the Kelly Learning Center!
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